Marco has been in the locksmith industry since 2000.  Starting out as an apprentice in the shop, cutting keys and learning the trade slowly.  His mentor would have it no other way.  Marco remains in contact with his mentor, along with other industry ‘greats’.  He’s completed specific keying courses and holds multiple industry memberships.

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Lisa started out as a secretary, where Marco worked as a general manager.  She answered phones and did the books, excelling at helping customers.  The ‘I want to do that too!’, moment came to her quickly, and soon she was working on locks in the shop with the best of them.  She can now proudly say, ‘I can do that!’

Bill has been tinkering with locks since he was young.  Locksmithing came easy to him.  Asking Marco, ‘How does this work?  Why does that do that?’, helped him to further tune his opening skills to be top notch.  One year for his birthday, as a gift, Marco let him open his first safe on his own.  Very cool!  He looks forward to what will come next…Bill has since retired and is enjoying life with his family

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